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A Workshop in Self Care


A Workshop in Self Care

Do you feel you are taking care of yourself, that you have the basics in place but still don’t really feel content in yourself? We talk a lot today about self-care but what really is self-care and what does it look like for you? This workshop is focused on self-love and will help you to get back in touch with caring for yourself. You will learn how to build a care plan for you for every day, not just the tough days, and in doing so have contentment back in your life.

This workshop:

  • is a 2-week personalised online workshop
  • includes a 30 minute coaching session with me
  • covers the skills of journalling, gratitude, dealing with difficult emotions, challenging your comfort zone and much more
  • will take approximately 10-15 minutes per day with additional time for journalling /homework
  • takes the format of a mobile friendly email delivered to your inbox every morning
  • includes inspirations, psychoeducation, therapeutic insight, and everyday examples
  • includes an offering / take home to help deepen the learning
  • gives you access to me, a qualified counselling psychotherapist who will act as your self-help coach – supporting you throughout the course

My Gift to You

I have received lots of wonderful feedback on my workshops and in response to
feedback and taking on board what others have asked for, I am now gifting you a downloadable
journal to accompany the workshop.


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