I am so passionate about my work and sharing a message of holistic wellbeing with others.

I empower people to live a life that reflects wellness in every aspect of their life; in their everyday wellbeing, in their thoughts, and in the care and love they offer themselves. I teach them how to ditch the scripts that are holding them back and to bravely step into the life that is awaiting them. Through talks and live workshops, from small groups to corporate audiences, I show people how to show up courageously and authentically in every part of their life. You will be inspired and supported to take this learning to apply it in your own life so you can live a life of intention, gentleness, and acceptance, a life that truly honours you.

I also offer corporate wellbeing programmes and can tailor these to your staff’s needs. This may include but is not limited to confidential wellbeing ‘check-ins’ for staff, online self-care workshops for your staff and 1-2-1 sessions for staff members in need of additional emotional support.

If you would like to book a talk, live workshop or corporate wellbeing programme, please click here or contact me by email or phone 087 6871002


“This workshop delivered on its promise – it helped many of us to shift to a more positive mind frame and make more time for ourselves and I received positive feedback from any one that I spoke to about the course. I would recommend it to other businesses. I have actually already recommended it to a few individuals and friends that I thought might enjoy it. Thank you very much for everything” – Laura Kelly, Manager, Kellys Resort Hotel & Spa

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