1-2-1 work with Christine

My approach combines my unique skills as a life coach and counselling psychotherapist.
My style of coaching is compassion focused, goal oriented and positively challenging.
I have a deep love for people and a passion for helping others to be fulfilled in their own lives. I understand that my clients come to me for change. Change is scary, so scary that we often decide to stay stuck where we are. This is where I come in. I am here to coach you to achieve the life that you know is waiting for you.

What can  I expect?

I work with my clients in my therapy room, online and by telephone.
I am available for 1-2-1 sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday 10am – 5pm and Thursday 10am – 2pm.
I offer a package of 4 one-hour life coaching sessions, guiding you to a more fulfilled, happier and healthier life.

In our work together we explore:

  • where you are in your life
  • what it is that you are struggling with or searching for
  • what it is that you would like to change (don’t worry if this isn’t clear yet)
  • a clear plan towards achieving these changes

Each session concludes with your personalised plans and goals for you to move forward with.
I also offer single one-hour sessions if you have a particular challenge you wish to address.

Get in touch

If I can help you with any questions you may have or if you if you would like to begin working together, please click here or contact me by email or phone. Email: christine@christinedoyle.ie Phone: 087  687 1002


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