Christine Doyle | What is Counselling?
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What is Counselling?

“Therapy is not a matter of doing something to the individual… It is instead a matter of freeing him for normal growth and development, of removing obstacles so that he can again move forward.” – Carl Rogers


What I offer?


I offer a non-judgemental environment that offers, you, the client to explore areas of your life that are negatively affecting you in a safe space.

I offer counselling and psychotherapy to individuals whose lives are negatively affected by their thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours. Through counselling and psychotherapy, people are given the support and safety to explore, identify, understand and, often, to change these thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours.

The personal growth that can then take place can free you from the limitations of old patterns. This can allow more realistic and effective ways of improving the quality, contentment and satisfaction of your life to emerge.

You can benefit from counselling and psychotherapy at any stage in your life.

Many feel that the issues affecting them are not “that bad” and “I’m fine”. Any problem that affects your happiness and your everyday life is a problem worth addressing. I offer a non-judgemental environment where I can help you to identify the issues that are affecting you and the options and choices that you feel may help.


You don’t have to wait until the last minute to realise that you deserve better out of life.