I offer a personalised online wellbeing workshop in self-care called ‘self-content’

We talk a lot today about self-care but what really is self-care and what does it look like for you? This workshop is focused on self-love and will help you to get back in touch with caring for yourself. You will learn how to build a care plan for you for every day, not just the tough days, and in doing so welcome more contentment into your life.

What to expect:

The workshop

  • is a 2-week personalised online workshop
  • will take approximately 10-15 minutes per day with additional time for journalling /homework
  • takes the format of a mobile friendly email delivered to your inbox every morning
  • includes inspirations, psychoeducation, therapeutic insight, and everyday examples
  • includes an offering / take home to help deepen the learning
  • gives you access to me, a qualified life coach and counselling psychotherapist who will act as your self-help coach – supporting you throughout the course

Optional Add-On:

I have received lots of wonderful feedback on my workshops (see below) and in response to feedback, and taking on board what others have asked for, I am offering an optional add-on coaching element to your self-care workshop.

As part of your workshop you can now also receive 2 mini coaching sessions with me during your workshop. These will take place by telephone:

  • a few days before the workshop begins to assess your current self-care and look at your goals and expectations for the workshop
  • at the end of the workshop where we reflect on your initial goals and how well these have been achieved. We will also plan here how to keep this wonderful self-care structure in place for you


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The next workshop is starting on Monday 8 March 2021

2-week self-content workshop: €70 click here

2-week self-content workshop including 2 mini coaching sessions: €99 click here


What have others said?

“Thank you! I loved the honest ‘real’ way in which it was delivered which made the content real for me and made me feel like I can do this” – Steph

“This workshop made me realise I am way too self-critical and showed me how to be easier on myself – I have learned how to stop the negative thinking patterns” – Anne