Are you ready to prioritise your emotional wellbeing?

I offer a menu of 2-week online workshops – each workshop follows the same format and is designed for those with an interest in personal development and freedom.

Which workshop resonates most with you?

  • Basic Content – A course in the Foundations of Wellbeing – An essential first step in rebalancing your lifestyle to feel good from the inside out
  • Self Content – A workshop in self-care; in this beautiful workshop you will learn how to build a care plan for you for every day, not just the tough days, and in doing so restore contentment in your daily life
  • Extra Content – An overview of the most common therapeutic theories and skills – and how you can use these to become your own self-help therapist to challenge your negative thinking patterns and behaviours
  • Real Connections – A course in restoring true connection in your life to reduce loneliness and feel more connected to yourself and others
  • A Discovery of the Self – Come back to who you really are and discover what you truly want in life in this spiritual workshop
  • Finding Contentment in Times of Uncertainty – How to be well and stay well in times of challenge

Each workshop

  • is self-guided
  • will take approximately 10-15 minutes per day with additional time for journalling /homework
  • takes the format of a downloadable pdf email delivered to your inbox every morning
  • includes inspirations, psychoeducation, therapeutic insight, and everyday examples
  • includes an offering / take home to help deepen the learning
  • contains homework to personalise your learning
  • gives you access to me, a qualified counselling psychotherapist who will act as your self-help coach – supporting you throughout the course


  • 2 week workshop €70
  • 2 week workshop with mini coaching session €100
    * If you are unsure which workshop would work best for you please feel free to email me, tell me a bit about yourself and your expectations and I will guide you
    to your workshop